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PartyPlayer - music player for parties

Music player for parties.

Your desktop player and phone can be connected

Download PartyPlayer for Windows

Buy the full PartyPlayer

Lock your music player / Party mode

No more sudden interruptions on your party. Lock your PartyPlayer. People can only act if they have an account and the correct permissions that you grant them. Screenshot

Login with your phone.

Everyone can login with the free PartyPlayer app (if you enable it), but you decide what their permissions are. All your party guests will know what song is playing and what songs are coming up! Screenshot

Get it on Google Play

Manage accounts with permissions.

Create accounts for different people, or certain accounts for multiple people, and manage their permissions precisely. You can manage in detail what an account may or may not do.

The play queue.

One central play queue where people view what's coming up or can add their favorite songs. Screenshot


Upvote songs in the queue (if a user has the permission).

Link songs together.

Some songs just sound so good together. Link one song to another, so when A gets played, PartyPlayer will play B next, regardless of the play queue. Chain B to C, et cetera...

Skip fragments of songs.

You always have certain parts of certain songs that are annoying or plain stupid. You now can mark them, and PartyPlayer will skip them without ever touching the music file itself. It also shows what parts of a song will be skipped.
Coming soon

Fair shuffle.

When enabled:

  1. Shuffle song from artist A, then B, C, D, et cetera...
  2. When all artists have sung their song, PartyPlayer will start over in different (random) order.

Window based.

When PartyPlayer starts, you only have the main screen. You can manage what windows you want to show, like the album covers, the queue or the server. Because these are separated windows, you can for example project them on different screens on your party, with the possibilities of full screen or always stay on top. Screenshot